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Frequently Asked Questions - Rental Requirements

FAQs - Rental Requirements

These qualifications are subject to the company's approval and does not guarantee approval.


You should not have a history of evictions.
We normally do not have approve applications with a recent history evictions.
This is determine on a case to cases basis.

To figure out what you can safely afford multiply your total qualifying income by 0.33.
What is unqualified income?

Money under the table
Student loan or college money
Commission or bonuses in many cases
Unemployment compensation
Child support in some cases

There are no security or pet deposits

You can expect to be charged for a nonrefundable move in fee
This fee is subject to and based solely on your application and each individual's qualifications.

We do accept pets and rent to responsible pet owners only.
You may be asked to provide us with a recent vet bill or proof of a rabies vaccination.
You MAY be required to pay a nonrefundable pet fee.
These fees are based on the number, breed, and weight of the pet, and your rental history.