If you are moving out and breaking your lease please see below "What should I do if I need to break my lease?"
You will need to provide us with a full 60 day notice
This means if you turn your notice in on April 15th you will be charged the full amount for Mays’ and Junes’ rent.
The day you vacate the premises you will need to provide us with a vacate notice.
You will need to return any keys we provided to you when you signed the lease and any additional copies you may have made.
Failure to do so will force us to change the locks, therefore leading you to be charged for the fee.
You will also need to provide us with a forwarding address.
As a part of your lease agreement there are things you are responsible for and we are not responsible for.
  1. If your door or window becomes broke, YOU are required to get it repaired. We can do this for you, however you will be billed and the bill will be treated just like your rent.
  2. Hoses must be removed from hose bib in the winter time. If you do not take this step your plumbing will freeze up. If that happens you are responsible for any charged associated with this damage.
  3. You are required to change our furnace filter monthly. Failure to do this causes the filter to become clogged, especially if you have animals. This will damage the furnace and/or air conditioner. If this happens you are responsible for the damage and will be charged for the repair.
  4. You are responsible for the secondary drains. This means you are responsible for your sink drains. You should not put any foreign objects or grease down your drains. If we have to come out and find grease or anything in the drains it is considered damage and you will be charged accordingly.
Failure to do any of the above is considered tenant damage and you will be charged accordingly.
To ensure that you are not charged for damages that you did not cause you must complete a move-in checklist within 72 hours of moving in. After that 72 hours you assume all responsibility for any damages done to the property and will be charged accordingly. If you are not provided with a move-in checklist, please ask for one and we will gladly provide on for you or you may download one here. If there are items that are not on the move-in checklist please list those in the notes section on the second page. When you have completed the checklist there are 4 ways to turn it back into us.
  • Fax it to (513) 217-5014
  • Email it to live@artsrentals.com
  • Drop it in our mail slot at our office
  • Mail it to our office – If you chose to use this message it must be post marked within 72 hours of your move in date.
An emergency is anything you would consider call the police about. This does not include a neighbor dispute. You may call any of the following numbers after business hours
  • Art (513) 423-8181
  • Jon (513) 465-4775
If you are worried about property or life safety call 911 FIRST!!!! And then call us at one of the numbers listed about!!!! Please do not call after business hours unless it is an emergency.
There are three way to submit your maintenance requests. We ask that when you submit your request please include the following
  • A detailed description of your issue
  • Your name
  • Your number
  • The best days and times to come to your location and fix the issue
  • If you have pets.  If so how many and how big?
  • May we come into your home to fix the issue if no one is home or available to meet us?
We would rather you stay with us and finish your lease, but we do understand things come up. To break your lease, you must pay an early termination fee of $150.00 and 2 months’ rent, subject to the company’s approval.
Unless the property is utility paid you will be required to turn the utilities on in your name immediately. If you are from out state or county you may be required to fill out an identity verification form for Duke Energy You may find the form here You will need to have this document notarized. We do have a notary in office.
Your rent is due on the 1st of each month unless it has been stated otherwise on your lease. If you are going to be late you will be charged a $55.00 late fee on the second day You will then be charged an additional $5.00 for every day you are late after that
There are 3 ways you can pay your rent.
  • You can pay your rent online using your Resident Web Access account
  • You can mail your rent to our office
  • You can put a check or money order in the mail slot at our office. Do NOT leave cash.
After paying your rent you can check your Resident Web Access account to make sure your account has been credited appropriately.